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Global Connections.
Local Insights.

Established in 2008, Eidos-Shanghai is an expert studio part of the Square Enix group, that supports the creation of new experiences, universes and emotions for our players.

Leveraging its presence in China, Eidos-Shanghai unites production teams from Eidos-Montréal and other Square Enix Studios with development, technology, and publishing partners from China and the South-East Asia region.

Our mission: bring the best talent in the world together

We strive to continuously enhance our relationships with you, our partners, and work to connect our internal studios with local external teams, while seeking opportunities to expand the Square Enix group’s business and distribution.


Bringing together experts with different backgrounds and skills, from all over China and South-East Asia.

Business Savvy

Work hand-in-hand with our partners for everyone’s success. When you win, we win, and vice versa.

Continuous Improvement

Leverage the worldwide experience of the Square Enix group, and learn from our partners’ unique expertise.